Daily Schedule*

*Due to Covid 19 start times for classes are staggered.

Two-Year-Old Schedule:
9:10 Free Choice and Art
10:00 Clean up time
10:10 Playground or Gym
10:45 Circle time
10:50 Wash hands and eat snacks
11:00 Art, Books, Manipulatives
11:45 Teddy Bear Dismissal

Three-Year-Old Schedule:
9:05 Arrival Morning Experiences, Free Choice Activities
10:20 Morning Meeting
10:35 Bathroom
10:45 Snack, books and puzzles
11:00 Circle Time
11:20 Prepare for dismissal and outdoor play (or gym)
12:00 Dismissal

Four-Year-Old Schedule:
9:05 Arrival, Morning Experiences, Learning Games
9:40 Morning Meeting
10:00 Choice Activity Centers
11:00 Clean up, Snack and Circle Time
11:45 Playground or Gym
12:15 Dismissal

Kindergarten Schedule:
9:00 Arrival
9:20 Bathroom, unpack
9:30 Center Time
10:00 Morning Meeting
10:30 Reader’s Workshop/ Project Investigations/ Theme Work
11:00 Outside Play
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Writer’s Workshop/ Project Investigations/ Theme Work
12:45 Prepare for Dismissal
12:55 Dismissal

Inclement Weather*

Inclement Weather*

When the Newport News Public Schools are closed because of inclement weather, our Preschool will be closed also. If NNPS opens one hour late, we will open at 10:15am and there will be no morning care. If NNPS opens two hours late, we will not have school or Extended Day that day. Make-up days are at the discretion of the Preschool Board. For information on closings, tune in to local radio and TV stations. In inclement weather you are welcome to pick up your child early.

*Due to Covid 19 parents will be notified of school delayed start or closure via Email, Facebook or the Remind App.